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(+) Review Diagon Alley

Okay, so now and again cone hopping gets boring, seeing the same day in day out. Not today though! I ended up at Diagon Alley before thinking it was a cool place because they had Harry Potter and all his mates out.

Today I ended up there again and have to say: I LOVE IT! The whole place is decorated for Halloween. That means lots of pumpkins!

Famous people!

And so much more. I’d suggest you go check it out for yourself and see how great this place looks. And remember to watch your back cos anything could happen…… It’s Halloween!

Click here to visit Diagon Alley


(-) Review Dragons & Princesses

As most of you know we have a few people in the group that like to test games in SL that offer traffic to landowners and L$ to visitors. We have recently tested a game called Dragons & Princesses, created by Glaznah Gassner who also owns Earn2Life.

The game, Dragons & Princesses, itself is fun and easy. You wear a hud, click a button, then go to a location, enter, sometimes with multiple players, find an object called a rift, wait and “get paid”. You level up and earn more, play a card-game with a chance on extra money and continue your journey once the game is done.

The earning in the beginning are not worth mentioning but the game rules state that levelling up will make you earn more so that’s what we went for. Their calculation was: 5 + (5 x level) per minute. Being a level 7 would make the sum look like this: 5 + (5 x 7) = 5 + 35 = 40DG’s for a one minute game. Less on multi-minute games as every extra minute will lower earnings per minute.

Test results:
We found out that we are not getting the DG’s promised as we were only getting 26DG’s for a one minute game on lvl 7 instead of the 40DG’s promised.
When playing a multi-player/minute game and one of the players crashes or leaves, all players have wasted their time as the game is aborted and a new one needs to be started.
The card-game works when the game is not more then a 2 players game. Anything above that will end up in: “All players all three cards” even when not all players click.

I have contacted Glaznah about these issues who gave a response which was kind of surprising to me as the support on his Earn2Life lacks pretty bad.

Glaznah’s response:
Thank you very much – we’ll fix these issues. We plan to publish a big update to the game soon and will investigate these problems

I would personally expect more than that as I just confronted him with 0,14L$ being stolen from each avatar playing the game, every game,  for over a year as that is when the game was officially launched. I would also expect to see a notice go out in the group about the issues as he is admitting they are issues and most people do not have a clue they are being “screwed”…

Such a shame to once again see a nice game being run in a deceiving way….