Donation buoy info.

 I placed some donation buoys out at the Cuppers and would like to inform you what it’s about.
As most of you know, we at Cuppers & Co., have been giving away free L$ for over 5 years and now and again there are new systems available that we would love to add so you can even pick up more. So far we have never asked any one to donate in order to be able to place anything and we’ve done it with love.

This time however we would like to ask your help getting together the money for a new system that will allow you all to earn even more while spending your time at our place.

Rice Gaming is releasing a new fishing system which I have tried out myself and it doubles just about every penny for those who fish.

However,… before I can put money in for you all to collect I will need to purchase the L$14.449L$ system…

We are hoping to get at least half of that donated from those who enjoy the Cuppers and are willing to invest some L$ in what we call our public paradise.

Every single L$ will be appreciated and as soon as we have collected half of the purchase price we will get the system and provide you with another fun way to earn.

Remember, it’s not a have to. it’s just a request to help us make it even more fun to hang out here. Now I can hear some people thinking: “yes and I’ll be paying for your traffic!” The answer to that is simple and the main reason I am not willing to pay for the whole system myself…

High traffic numbers gets places higher up in search, yes. However, Cuppers & Co. is not listed in search because we simply don’t care about numbers. People who come here have found us through using other money earning systems like the traffic cones or have simply been referred by their friends. So no matter how high our traffic would be, we won’t be findable through search anyway. And the system will not be found in the hudsystem so the people who will be using it are either already Cuppers or will have heard from us through a friend.

I hope this answers any questions you might have. If not, feel free to IM me.

Kind regards,
Siggy & TJ

I will also be donating whatever I make on fishing until we’ve reached our goal


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