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Hi all,

it’s been a while and a lot has happened. To start I have updated the scrapbook with pics of:
TJ & Siggy’s Rezzday Party
TJ’s B-day
The Wrong Party 2013

The wrong party took place on the 30th of november and turned out to be the last party at Montauk Beach where we had been located for over 5 years. Our simowner (BFR) had decided to end their business for personal reason, which of course is okay, it’s just the way we had to find out that kinda stings or should I say stinks…

When we heard we had to move it hurt. Montauk beach had been our home since we had been in SL for just one month. Starting with 1/16th of a sm and growing out to 1/2 sim not long before the end. And seeing we didn’t have a lot of luck with neighbours besides West Habercom, who had been our neighbour since we had moved in, we had decided to move to a homestead so we’d have no neighbours. This wasn’t what we wanted really but since we could not afford a fullsim this was gonna be a solution until we could afford one.

Just before I was ready to buy the new location my cousin Harry, who was also located at a BFR sim, suggested we’d get a full sim and offered to donate 1/4th of it to us, the Cuppers. This changed everything! Instead of loosing 3750 prims we would be gaining them and be able to create even more of a paradise then before.

We took his offer and are now on a full sim together with Harry. I tried to make the move as smooth as possible and I think it worked cos we were completely running on the new location within 2 days! Our friend Fritter used to have a little place for himself at the Cuppers up in the air but with all the extra prims and space he now owns his own little island that he can call home. Cindy has also moved in a little house by the beach and of course our own Miggy also recreated her home on a little island. So like nothing ever happened besides a good ending we are now enjoying the new location at Midnight Cove and we hope you all will too.

I think we’ve thanked him a 1000 times already but here I go again…

Special thanks go to HarryH Crumb, my RL cousin and now our SL neighbour who has enabled us to keep having fun the way we always have, and to enable us to offer our closest friends a place to call home.



Mostly done…

Hi all,
I have finished re-doing the land for the most part after expanding to 1/2 sim! As always everything on Cuppers & Co land is open to public. Feel free to explore and enjoy the many hangouts. There is a little island in the sim corner that I have separated from the rest. This is my daughters house and will not be accessible to public. The rest is all yours to enjoy 🙂

TJ & Siggy

(+) Review Diagon Alley

Okay, so now and again cone hopping gets boring, seeing the same day in day out. Not today though! I ended up at Diagon Alley before thinking it was a cool place because they had Harry Potter and all his mates out.

Today I ended up there again and have to say: I LOVE IT! The whole place is decorated for Halloween. That means lots of pumpkins!

Famous people!

And so much more. I’d suggest you go check it out for yourself and see how great this place looks. And remember to watch your back cos anything could happen…… It’s Halloween!

Click here to visit Diagon Alley