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FS’s 5th b-day = GIFTS!

Firestorm is celebrating their 5th b-day. And as always that means we can pick up gifts.This year besides the usual kitten we can also pick up a Fennux and a motorbike.

Check out the blog for information.


Raffle winner week 18

Yay Zofia Kurka won the raffle AGAIN!!!! Congrats 🙂
New round started. Don’t forget to enter daily for a bigger chance.

Enjoy 🙂

Fid’s Disco Zyngo!

Coming Saturday, 9th of june, Noon SLT we’ll be having a little Disco Zyngo  party to celebrate Fideel’s RL B-day.


No dress code just come have fun! And of course playing zyngo is a choice, you could just dance with us if you want to. As long as your having fun!

(HUNT) The Foolish Hunt


Hunt Date: April 14th – May 14th
Start Location: Brunei
Number of locations: Less than 64
Website: Early Bird Hunts

You really need to work with the website to get as much out of it as possible due to some drop out locations. But even then the website can be confusing. Nice items in the hunt though, the name says it al 😉